Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Oh the skies, the wonderful skies...

Despite the convincing illusion of my ability to fly unassisted, notably in my compelling cinematic work "Supermonkey", alas, I must let you in on a little secret. My flight scenes were created with the help of movie magic and special effects. Yes, tis true.

Sorry to break the illusion my faithful fans, but alas, my unassisted abilities only include large leaps, bounds and spins. Sure sure they may be far beyond the skills of the most talented human olympic gymnasts, but for a rare tropical snowmonkey they are merely a part of our superior genetics.

However, despite this revelation above, Flight IS a passion of mine.

How so you say!? You just told us you can nought but leap, bound and spin!

Ahhh, and here is the sad moment of me to tell to you of my long lost friend Gerry Gyrocopter....

The feeling of soaring with the birds, high above in the trusty protection of my rotory angel, Gerry Gyrocopter.

I simply must obtain a new gyro one of these days.

If for no other reason than being able to park on roofs and avoid all the ground based traffic.

Because i must say, To quote:
"Crikey... the traffic's heavy today"

1 comment:

IG said...

Call me one day Herc!

Maybe we can exchange flight patterns.