Thursday, January 06, 2011

Ha! Freedom, at last! I have returned to you my faithful fans!

Freedom, Sweet Sweet Freedom!
Well, you may recall those scurrilous rumors as posted below some 4 and a half years ago of my suspected involvement in a terrorist training camp... 
Well it seems some of my enemies in the entertainment business hold some sway with the CIA. Wham, Bam and a few extraordinary renditions later... and I find myself locked up in Guantanamo Bay!
Fortunately for you my faithful fans, I've been released!
While part of the conditions of my release is that I not talk about matters, I am able to say that the fine acting work I did in Uzbekistan will see the light of day... I just wasn't to know that those weren't blanks we were firing...

Anyway, expect some more fabulous things from me in the near future. And I did manage to obtain myself a new Gyrocopter!! Wheeee
Here's a sneak peek of it in action!